You must have never identified those silly mistakes that can spoil the perfect mood. Know it before he start losing his interest on you. Who told you that it is the man only who need to look for everything? Is he alone having that sweet pleasure? No, so why are you lacking behind him while contributing in your intimate relationship. Watch the story that will show you 10 mistakes women make while having $ex.

Lovemaking In The Dark

Turn on the lights, lamp or at least light a candle if you want to turn on the guy.

Not Getting A Bikini Wax

Ladies, make a clear night. No man wants to enter through a dense forest just to get to your pot of gold.

Not Having Your Own Supply

You can’t always leave it up to the guy to bring the c0nd0ms. When you both are making pleasure, get a stock of your own.

Give A Break To Your Assumption

Having a great time in bed does not mean long lasting love. Make some quality time before taking the plunge.

Hairy Legs Are Backfiring You

When making out, the guy wishes you to be smooth and silky. Hairy legs can be a big turn off.

Don’t Lay Like A Dead Flounder

You both are enjoying this process, so both have equal duties towards one another. Don’t just lay there and let him do all the hard-work; make some moves by yourself

Is It A $ex Bible?

Cosmo is just a wild fun. It can ruin your relationship if you use it as a $ex bible.

Expecting Him To Cuddle

Sometimes, a man doesn’t left with much stamina. So just give him space after $ex, don’t feel he is being mean now.

Making Him Responsible For Your 0rgasm

Never leave it up to him to bring you to climax. You know men don’t ask for directions, give him some signs.

Understand The Difference Between Men And Machines

Just put this thing in your mind that men cannot get instantly aroused on command and maintains it for as long as you like. Show some sympathy to them!