Latest Abaya Designs Collection 2014 is contains the tasteful robes inspired from the regional patterns of Gulf, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Middle east countries. The Abaya has been made on lush and rich fabric and decorated with high class material.

Al-Karam Abaya Group has taught to all other Islamic fashion brands; that how could deliver a most traditional and contemporary Abaya Collection when our ladies are very conscious. So have a look on Alkaram Abaya Collection 2014 and 2015.

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Alkaram Qadri Abaya Designs 2014---1

Gulf Designer Abaya Styles 2014

Alkaram Qadri Abaya Designs 2014

New Arabic Satin Abaya Styles

Alkaram Qadri Abaya Designs 2014.

Arabic Burqa Fashion in Islam

Alkaram Qadri Abaya Designs 2014.. q

Alkaram Qadri Abaya Designs 2014....

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