Finding someone who will love you for rest of your life is not as easy as expect it to be. Not every woman you date, not even a woman love has to be a woman who can become your wife.  Marriage is essential phase of one’s life and no one wants a bad or failed marriage, hence it is important to choose a right partner. If you are dating someone or you think you want propose her, hang on for moment. Before making a commitment, be clear and figure out if she is the right one. Here are the 5 indicators which tell you she is not the right one to marry.

She Wants Your Money

Gone are the days when girls wanted to stay indoors and not work. Today more and more women are open to idea of financially independent. However does your girl friend love you because of the financial cushion you are providing her. Whenever she gives you something, she is expecting back something. She doesn’t mind you spending your entire money on her. And often she tells you that she would not want work after marriage for the sake of family. While it is a different story once you have kids, the idea of her quitting her job before kids seems selfish. If you are not comfortable with this thought then its then do not make a haste decision.

She Complains When You Hangout With Your Friends

You have a personal life too and if the woman tells you to shut your night out with your friends, then she is not right for you. When a woman sees everything wrong in your friends, she probably wants to control you. However this is unreasonable to curtail on your friends and social life to keep her happy. Your girlfriend or wife to be should not be the one decide upon friends.

You Are Her Only Friend

If your girlfriends or wife to be doesn’t have any friends of her own, chances are so won’t have after marriage as well. This will mean that you won’t have your space at all. As she would not have anyone else, she will cling on to you all the time. If you think this might happen with you in future then give it a thought as it not advisable for couples to spend all their time together.

It’s A New Found Love

If you and your girlfriend have known each other for just few months then do not make a decision of marriage too soon. Sometimes the initial infatuation gets confused with love. Get to know her in depth, her likes –dislikes how you see future. It would be better take some time to know each other well before asking her hand for marriage.

One Sided Relationship

A strong, healthy relationship is one of the most important factors of your married life. And it takes both of you and your girlfriend or wife to be to build and nurture a strong relationship. If you find that all the initiatives, surprises, taking up financial courses, providing all affections, household work all done by you alone, then you are not with a right woman. A relationship needs efforts to make it work from both sides, it cannot stay for long if it is one sided. It is advisable in such a situation to not marry this woman.