#1 Overeating

Bloating is usually caused by overeating, and drinking, but there are other factors that can be causing it.

#2 Other Causes

weight gain/ pregnancy/ fluid retention in the abdomen (this can also point to a serious health problem)/
lactose intolerance/ PMS (premenstrual syndrome)/ intestinal gas caused by eating fiber-rich foods (such as fruits and vegetables)/ fibroids/ ovarian cysts

#3 Remedies

One of the things people who frequently experience bloating turn to in order to deal with the condition is proton pump inhibitors, enzymes, and such. The problem with these therapies is that they are addictive and provide temporary relief.

#4 But, now:

You will need:
a cup of water and
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

#5 How?

Apple cider vinegar is extremely beneficial for improving digestion, stimulating weight loss, and is a great addition to a healthy diet. You can do it with grapefruit and a bit of honey, adding the apple cider vinegar and blending well, with similar results.