"It happens everywhere, someone comes and creates an issue over nothing" PHOTO: FILE

Actor Fawad Khan has jumped to Shahid Afridi’s rescue after the cricketer commented about being loved by Indian crowds more than ones back home landed him in hot water. Fawad defended the cricketer, claiming that often a times, such ‘momentary’ quotes are misconstrued by some people.

“What happened with Afridi, I think it happens everywhere and anywhere — someone comes and creates an issue over nothing,” said the Kapoor & Sons actor, reported Times Now.

“What Afridi said was in some other context but something else was made out of it,” Fawad said. “I feel he gave the statement to ease the air. It was a momentary thing and someone tried to take advantage of that and blew it out of proportion.”

Loved by Indian crowds more than ones back home, says Afridi

Actor believes the buzz will die with time but nobody should doubt Afridi’s patriotism. “It doesn’t mean that anyone can question his patriotism. He is a very proud Pakistani. And we are proud to have him as a representative of our country,” added Fawad.

Fawad, who himself is a cricket enthusiast, expressed his excitement for the upcoming India vs Pakistan match. “I am excited. There is always an excitement when it comes to India-Pakistan matches,” he said.

Earlier, Shahid Afridi was served a legal notice after stating, “We have always enjoyed playing in India and have been loved by Indian crowds more than crowds back home in Pakistan.” Since then, the cricketer has been forced to clarify on the matter.

Afridi issues clarification after ‘loved more in India than Pakistan’ statement lands him in hot water

“I was only trying to send a positive message in a diplomatic way,” the 36-year-old explained.

“Whatever I am today, is only because of Pakistan and the fans in Pakistan. Nothing is more important to me than Pakistan and people of Pakistan,” he added.

Pakistan and India are set to take each other on at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata on March 19.