Are you planning not to have a baby? Then it is important to be well-aware that CONDOM is the Only sure-shot thing that will help you not get pregnant. No other ways, like the following will help you prevent pregnancy on its own. Because man, the little sperms are quite active at those times. You are not just lucky, alright? If everyone was as lucky as you, the populations would have been less, and the humanity would have been still *sane*.

Dry Humping

Sperms can soak through the lingerie and thus, do not think she won’t be able to get pregnant if you both are wearing those essentials on your body.

Calender method

Are you so unaware? Even if she is not ovulating or the most “fertile” she can still get pregnant because ladies can get impregnated at any point during the month – even if she’s on her period.

Breast feeding

It is a myth, that your lady will not get pregnant if she is breast feeding as it is not a natural contraceptive. Don’t laze around and get yourself a condom, before you get her pregnant yet again!

No ejaculation

Nope. “Pulling it out” on the right time is not going to help you avoid pregnancy. Women can get pregnant even if the man has not ejaculated yet and it is because pre-ejaculation fluid contains a small amount of semen which can fertilize an egg.